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Meet the Launch Crew

Who We Are

We are a team of entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and educators who value high quality branding and marketing. We have traveled and lived widely, so we’ve seen many different styles of marketing and know what works.

Our Mission

Launch provides marketing and branding solutions to small businesses in a creative environment with a knowledgeable voice. We strive to help clients feel valued for their opinions and become established in their respective markets.

What We Do

The Team

Photo of Adam Haigler

Adam Haigler

Co-founder & Designer

A designer by nature, Adam has been building websites since his teen years. He has also founded companies whose brands he built, taught marketing, and has worked as a marketing director.

Photo of Allison Haigler

Allison Haigler

Co-founder & Designer

Allison is an artist, marketer, and educator by trade. She makes hand-bound journals, designs websites, and does all of her own marketing for the many organizations she has founded.

Photo of Rachel Grano

Rachel Grano

Co-founder & Designer

A trained graphic designer and successful entrepreneur, Rachel brings her technical expertise and artist's eye to every project and is excited to help businesses with their branding.

Our 4 Step Process



We start every client interaction with a detailed intake process that helps us learn more about their businesses, discern their needs, and understand their styles and preferences. This phase is all about listening, brainstorming, and building a relationship of mutual respect and creativity.



We take the time to gather plenty of information from our clients to ensure that our efforts meet their desires. Clients provide input on their favorite designs, color palettes, and style to help us create something that can meet and exceed their expectations.



Once we’ve gathered our initial intel on a client’s company and needs, we get to the fun part – design! We will send various concepts and templates to get a taste of what works and what doesn’t. We continuously seek feedback to ensure we are moving in the right direction.



Once we’ve zeroed in on designs and concepts that clients and target audiences prefer, we polish the designs and ensure that they are formatted just right for the needs of the clients. After final revisions through another round of internal and client critique, we deliver impressive results.

Why Choose Us?

It’s hard to find high quality, affordable marketing and branding agencies in our area. See below for what makes us your best choice.

Our designs reflect years of artistry and design experience. We will create a product that you will be proud of. 

The advantage of our team is not just that we are experienced designers and marketers, but that we have owned and founded several companies that we built from the ground up. We deeply understand the needs, stresses, and desires of small businesses, so we can relate to many of your common concerns.

Our team doesn’t just want to make pretty designs, we want to get you results! We have the wisdom and experience to help you position your beautiful brand in a noisy marketplace through insightful marketing strategies in concert with remarkable design.

Sure, we have our preferences on platforms to use for web design, social media, and graphic design, but we are more than willing to build your marketing on whatever platform you prefer. We have deep experience with a wide variety of platforms so we can build how you want it built.

Many clients come to us after having horrible experiences with other marketing companies who refused to respond promptly, listen to their needs, and fix things when they break. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and relationships with clients.

We are all experienced educators who have taught these skills to others. Adam has taught marketing to high school students and adults for years, so our team can help you become empowered to edit your own website, run amazing social media campaigns, and much more!

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"Can I Give Higher Than 5 Stars?"

Adam did an amazing job on our website! We brought him a very rough idea of what we were looking for and left it in his capable hands. He created a website that is visually appealing, has great content and is easy to navigate. His expertise in Search Engine Optimization, creating an on-line store and making our site smartphone-friendly has all contributed to our start-up’s success.

Beyond getting our site up and running, Adam’s commitment to ongoing service has been exceptional. He is always there for us no matter how big or small the issue is. I highly recommend Adam Haigler … if there is a rating better than five stars, he gets it!